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Mexican interior design?

Top Tips to Achieve a Mexican Interior Design

Being lucky enough to have visited Mexico many years ago I drowned myself in the fiesta feeling and cheerful colours of their interiors. It didn’t matter how cheap a bar or restaurant was it still had that sunshine charm that comes with this type of design. I fell in love with it; in fact when the interiors are so uplifting with vibrant colours, gorgeous tiles and touches of sunshine it is hard not to! This article is written to help you achieve the happy feel of Mexican interior style. Before starting what should be fun work please make sure you equip yourself with the right tools such as step ladders, practical shoes and clothes for carrying out the work.

The good news is that as interior design concepts go Mexican can be relatively easy to achieve. Be warned however you need to feel comfortable with lots of bold colours and a fiesta mood. If so read on to find out how to go about getting this look.

Before embarking on any design concept it is vital to fill your senses with it as much as possible. Don’t rush into it because you really need a change give yourself a little bit of extra time to absorb and become one with the energy of this style.

One of my favourite ways to absorb a new style is to put a fabulous picture on my screensaver on the computer. I guess in my case I am a bit of a “method designer” in the sense of method acting my way up to and through this design period. Hey why not? It is fun this way. You could join me on this route which means watching some Mexican movies, going to Mexican restaurants, listening to Mexican music and of course, watch out for the worms, drinking Tequila!


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Mexican Interior Design Ideas

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Mexican Interior Design

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  • Avatar scottiegreen41 How should the interior design of a Mexican Restaurant looks like? Any reference?
    Nov 27, 2009 by scottiegreen41 | Posted in Acapulco

    • Lots of bright solid colors. Maybe paintings or pastel drawings of mexican countryside or towns. Possibly hanging handmade crafts. You'll see sometimes colored tissue paper cut into patterns and hung up or (Especially nea …o) skulls or skeletal figures hanging up. Think simple but sturdy wooden chairs and tables, but anything not too big or ornate works well. Below is a link to a very small chain of tastefully decorated mexican restaurants.

  • Avatar oxox How can we comprise on the interior design of our home
    Aug 04, 2008 by oxox | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    He is into earthy, muted color tones. Traditional furniture mixed with contemporary accents. I'm into 'Fiesta' type home. Think "Romantic, homey, Mexican restaurant" interior. Lots and lots of color. I like antique, wooden, old world looking furniture. How can we come to a comprise so that we can each be happy with how our home is decorated? Any ideas on how we could combine these opposite styles is appreciated.

    • Maybe you can decorate like your living room more earthy and traditional then your kitchen more to your style ( or whatever rooms you want) My living room is muted and beachy and then you go into my kitchen and it's bright yellow with bright colorful accents, as long as you don't have one big open space, you can decorate all the rooms different styles that can make you both happy.

  • Avatar scottiegreen41 What area should a Mexican restaurant have?
    Sep 11, 2009 by scottiegreen41 | Posted in Other - Dining Out

    I'm currently doing an interior design assignment, and i'll create a Mexican restaurant... But i don't know is there any special thing or any special area should a Mexican restaurant have..

    • I'd suggest a bar area, dining area, lobby, outdoor seating with a fountain and festive lighting, banquet area for large parties, maybe a serve yourself chips and salsa bar, maybe even an area where tortillas are hand made and people could watch, and of course server stations, kitchen, prep areas, restrooms, hostess area etc., the normal necessities for a restaurant