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A special touch has been added this year at From the Heart. The church halls will be filled with beautifully decorated trees and Christmas vignettes, designed and decorated by local Interior Designers.
Come and enjoy the festive environment and get ideas for your holiday decorating.
We would like to extend a warm welcome and a big "Thank You" to these designers who have contributed their time, talent and resources to make our evening special and beautiful.
They are (listed in no specific order): The Look Interiors - Colleen Lake, Barrymore Designs - Pat Couture, Design Collaborative - Vinette Varvaro, Mary Anne Gillen, Joyce Jordan, Kristin Hunter and Katrina Johnson, Portsmouth Garden - Karen Knope, JRenee Designs - Janet Heller.

Source: From the Heart

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Here's what i know ...

2006-08-13 22:34:47 by --

I've talked to a few designers in the course of my job. They all worked on model homes, not all exclusively, but that would be the only reason I would talk to them.
I always had to ask if they had "letters" after their name, you know, sometimes you see little initials after their names to designate they went through some certification, but none of the ones I talked to did.
A four-yea...f="/InteriorDesignSchool/interior-design-services" title="Interior design services">design services, but you will probably start in sales. The nicer the store -- some only are open to the trade -- the better the connections you will make.
Check out the local interior design groups, you may be able to join as a student. You can attend events, schmooze, volunteer for committees.

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This is Interior Designer Finder.co.uk – We have listed every UK interior designer so you will have no problems finding your local interior designer.

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  • Avatar jijan h I need a website where i can find local interior designers and architects.?
    Oct 07, 2006 by jijan h | Posted in Financial Services

    I am working for a company dealing with interior designing material.i want to contact them locally in hyderabad and secunderabad. i will be verymuch thankful to them who can help me finding the correct website to get their details.

    • Interior designers:

  • Avatar moike711 Selling Products to Interior Designers?
    Apr 11, 2007 by moike711 | Posted in Other - Advertising & Marketing

    Do interior designers shop around for home decor products or are they usually tied into specific dealers. My idea was to introduce local designers into my store/warehouse with an afterhours winetasting event and presentation to introduce myself in the area. Any thoughts or comments?

    • This is a fantastic idea but it won't close deals. My ad agency was invited along with all of the other agencies in this area to a printer. They had wine tasting, great little snacks and speaches from their staff on what …siness with them if they were competitive. Trying to sell to tell me that they have a better product is a bunch of crap. In this industry, printing is a comodity and most printers have capabilities of a fantastic product.